We’ve rebranded! And we’re making our Gaming Back End truly Open Source

Formerly known as Back End as a Service (BaaS) Clan of the Cloud, XtraLife gives developers access to an Open Source Back End in response to developer frustration over insufficient transparency and sustainable back end technology in the market

Pioneering games Back End as a Service (BaaS), Clan of the Cloud, unveils its rebranded identity, XtraLife. Along with its new name, XtraLife reveals that its established suite of cross platform BaaS solutions are now available to game developers as an Open Source solution (OSS) with a free of charge hosting option. This will be complemented by additional Premium features in an extended hosted version of the OSS offering.

XtraLife is designed with features that efficiently and securely powers a game back end to connect and build multi player communities. With XtraLife, developers benefit from direct access to the platform’s code, which has been fortified with five years of R&D by the team of experts who managed Clan of the Cloud – a French games industry BaaS.

The company has brought on board mobile content industry veteran, CEO Wandrille Pruvot, to lead the global repositioning of the business.

“Open Source (OSS) for game development is starting to mirror the hot-bed of creativity already known to drive web development innovation. It made complete sense that we offer XtraLife as an OSS in a climate where developers are seeking better transparency or even supplier longevity in the BaaS market. Those developers who want to have greater control and ownership to experiment, evolve quickly and to their own unique specs,’ said Wandrille Pruvot.

Though an Open Source solution, XtraLife does not require developers to share their game code, giving developers the full run of access to the solution with the support of an emerging community via GitHub. All these benefits are also available with the hosted version. In the case of the Premium hosted services, developers have additional access to the XtraLife team of experts.

The company is in the process of transitioning existing clients.

XtraLife will be at Gamescom 2016: Stand D017D