The launch of Playdigious by former DotEmu founders Xiaver Liard and Romain Tisserand was one of the industry's best kept secrets until they finally revealed their plans back in September. The first title of Playdigious is Pix the Cat, the Android port of an incredibly successful PC / PS4 / Steam title. The original has been created by Pastagames, and the port has been funded by NVIDIA. It hit the Play Store store just recently, and it's powered by Clan of the Cloud technology.

Clan of the Cloud: Romain, the industry players got quite excited hearing about the creation of Playdigious. How you differentiate yourself on such a saturated market?

Romain Tisserand: Playdigious is built from the ground-up from experienced mobile developers. We know how hard it is to build top-quality mobile games, and even harder to do it in a profitable way. Our goal is to help mobile developers who develop quality games to generate significant revenue using our experience in mobile publishing, and our distribution channels. We are also different from a traditional publisher by offering porting / SDK integration. So the original game developers can focus on what they do the best: creating great games.

CotC: What was the technological problem you were facing with when you decided to use Clan of the Cloud for your most recent game, Pix the Cat?

RT: The problem is that Pix the Cat - as a scoring game - is making extensive use of a "ghost" system. There is currently no support for such feature on Android using Google Play Games Services, so we were really relieved to discover CotC was able to help us with this!

CotC: There are plenty of gaming BaaS platforms out there. Why Clan of the Cloud?

RT: We have been in touch with the Clan's team for years, and it was the perfect timing to experiment. Not only the pricing was really, really competitive, but the technical support CotC team provided us to integrate the SDK was truly incredible and very efficient.

CotC: Implementing CotC took around 16 hours. How much resource did you dedicate to the integration? What was your experience?

RT: Basically, it was just me with the support of the CotC engineering team. The experience was pretty smooth and once I had understood how to make a single API call it was really straightforward to move things forward into more complex stuff.

CotC: What do you think, how many extra hours you’d have had to work on the features you implemented easily using CotC?

RT: If we had to resort to our own system, it would have taken 2 weeks to setup a custom system using Google App Engine or similar cloud solution. Using Clan of the Cloud the same took 16 hours.

Download pix the cat