Hail to the Community Edition, Full Steam on the Enterprise Edition!

Dear friends,

The XTR4L1F3 team wants to express its best wishes to everyone!

We wanted to take this opportunity to give news of where the business is leading us. If we look in the mirror, for more than 10 years now, we have provided great services to all developers, indies and middle sized teams, for a terrific price!

We probably were the first to offer so many features, when social and F2P games were just the new kids on the block in the industry. For the first 5 years, MAU with us did cost less than a cent, sometimes close to zero. And for the last 5 and a half years, it was completely free until 1M MAU. Nobody has ever beaten that !

At the same time, we did release all our backend, all the features, in the Open Source world with our Community Edition! Anyone could grab or fork our github repositories (including a completely packaged containerized one, one command to run everything in a few seconds), install it on their servers, and run full featured social games without us even knowing about it. This had an unexpected consequence though. At the same time laws and regulations became more stringent with data privacy, and developers realized that owning your data is crucial, more and more developers left our free BaaS and asked us to run for them our software on their hardware. Being completely agnostic, we have been running it on OVH, Digital Ocean, AWS, SSDnodes, Scaleway, GCP, Online.net, ... you name it.

So, what's happening now you're asking? Well, our BaaS (Back End as a Service) which was handling dozens of millions of MAU (actually, it was so optimized that we never needed to add more servers to the initial cluster of 5 - top of the line, agreed - initial bare metal machines), now do spend a lot of time idling. Considering this and the definitive trend to using dedicated, Enterprise solutions, we will sunset the BaaS solution, from April 2022.

We think it's better to focus our efforts on the Open Source solution and help our customers thrive with everything it has to offer: integration with internal or third party tools, ES6 syntax, server side script remote debugging just like if it runs on your local development machine, TypeScript support and so much more... Farewell the Xtralife BaaS, Hail to the Community edition and full steam on Enterprise Edition! Don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested to know more about how to switch your current games to the Community or Enterprise Edition and to work with us for your future projects. To another 10 years!

And stay tuned for more features in 2022, including Steam and Console integrations!