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how does it work?

It’s sooo XtraXtra easy. 3 steps:
  • create an account
  • download the sdk
  • use our simple api
Oh yeah, we bet you’ve heard that gem before... But really, we’ve made it super easy to get started. Just ask Touchten who was up and running in half a day. Talk to our team to find out more
Why should I choose an Open Source back end for my game?

Open Source allows you to be fully in control of your game development – allowing you additional development and creative freedom to explore that a closed studio environment and platform might not always afford you. Open Source can also help to optimise game development and let’s face it why reinvent the wheel when others have done it for you.

A number of engines are offering Open Source these days, and we think it’s a natural evolution for this to be extended to the Back End.

The web for example has always been a hot bed of DIY creative development activity, much of this thanks to open standards and free licenses. And has thrived on the back of the web development community coming together to build better software and programmes.

Why is XtraLife Open Source (XOSS) right for my game?
  • I want to build and evolve my game the way I choose to. I don’t want to be confined by pre-defined BaaS packages.
  • I like the idea of having community support to lean on and expertise via GitHub - I want a solution that is transparent so I can always monitor the server’s code to better suit my needs
  • I’m interested in tailored upgradesI want full control of the game infrastructure and timelines
  • I want ownership of this infrastructure for as long as I need it

Why extend to our XtraValue cloud hosted service?
  • I want the benefits of an Open Source solution but I don’t have the resources to host production and scale to more than a few million users - 24/7, 365 days a year
  • A super secure system is really important for me to protect my player community
  • I will need dedicated support and advice beyond the GitHub community
  • I want to get up and running NOW and progress quickly

When do I have to decide whether to stick with Open Source or upgrade to XtraValue?

You can start production on XtraLife Open Source (XOSS) but if you want our Xtra useful support with XtraValue we strongly recommend that you switch before your game goes live.

It’s just a matter of changing one line of code. And it avoids a complicated migration process that is likely to happen if you switch after you go live.

You could also consider bringing our hosted services in right from the start of development.

You say it improves development efficiency?

Indeed! Here are our findings from games we have tested.

Match3 Games - a reduction in development times by 5-10%
Board or Card Game - a reduction in development times by 25%
Strategy Games - a reduction in development time by up to 40%

Do I have to give away my code?

Not at all: Using Open Source is not Open Sourcing. You have access to the benefits of an Open Source solution without having to share your code.

If you wish to, well, that is an option open to you. We believe the ability to share learning, will not just help more indie developers make great games but also accelerates a lot of the middleman work associated with closed licenses that studio games have to deal with.

It’s your choice.

I get the benefits of Open Source to indie developers, but what’s in it for my studio?

As a studio you can build something the way you want with off the shelf, rather than having your game dictated by predetermined engine packages and tools.

It means you can also run game development on parallel services , with more room for experimentation on the Open Source platform.

Think of it also as a neat way to train existing team members by providing them with an ‘open sandbox’ to experiment with new projects, share their learnings and perfect their craft.

I’ve never used an Open Source Back End in game development, how do I get started and what do I need to know?

Getting started is easy and it’s free. Just create an account for the first step.

We’re giving you access to our GitHub Community for more insight and fantastic support from the Community.

We also offer Premium hosting solutions with XtraValue which not only includes the ability to develop for real-time Multi Player games, but also provides you with regular support and interaction with our friendly, technical wiz kids!

For answers to all your technical questions check out our Support page

Free Open Source? What’s in it for XtraLife?

XtraLife began its life as Clan of the Cloud, a Back End service founded by a group of passionate game geeks and programmers. With XtraLife, we want to build an Open Source game development community that shares the pioneering spirit of dev adventure that Open Source offers.

And of course, don’t worry, we are making a living too. Our XtraValue premium offering currently includes valuable tools; Multi Player features, and SLA support.

Watch this space as we unveil new tools and products. In the meantime, have a look, dive in and enjoy the Open Source Adventure!

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