Easy Login, Leaderboards and Achievements for your Unity Game

Get Login, Leaderboards and Achievement in a breeze for your game with XtraLife new template.

The new XtraLife Game Template is a simple C# SDK integration sample on Unity; It helps you to use most of the SDK features in your project with neutral and generic displays. You may use it as is or copy/paste only some parts at your convenience and modify the graphics or the logic to fit the look and need of your game.

It's made to be quickly plugged into your game in only a few minutes and allow you to enhance the social aspect of your game in no efforts!

For Leaderboard, it includes an overview of the leaderboard where you can display a player's rank.

For Achievements, it includes a board with all the player's achievements where he can see his progress for every achievement.

For Login, it includes anonymous login and resume session. The player will find all his data as soon as he opens the game without creating an account himself.

We have also have included in this template tools which enables you to save your user preferences, time they spent on your game and any kind of data attached to the player profile: those data are recorded on the server and you can display them or not.

You can download the template here:

Hit the video link below if you want to see these features in action:

Now is the time to get your game more social!