Deploy and Monetize your Instant Games on the Web with XTR4L1F3

Now you can deploy Facebook Instant Games on Web based game platforms. Our partner Dr. Mop has set up a Wrapper that helps distribute Facebook Instant games out of the Facebook platform. With this tool, there is no need to recode the social functionalities, or to monetize: when the game is deployed to other web portals, XTR4L1F3 social features will automatically work. On top of that, the wrapper includes payment + ads + analytics, which is an efficient way to rise the monetization of your games with no efforts!

XTR4L1F3 is included in the Wrapper with 6 services: Game, Storage, User, Leaderboards, Messaging, and Referral Service. Find out more by checking Dr.Mop's website.

new GameService("xtralife");
new StorageService("xtralife");
new UserService("xtralife");
new LeaderboardsService("xtralife");
new MessagingService("xtralife");
new ReferralService("xtralife");
new ShareService("generic");
new AnalyticsService("google");
new AdsService("crazygames");
new PaymentsService("paypal");

Your XtraLife Team.