pix the cat

"Pix the Cat - as a scoring game - is making extensive use of a "ghost" system. There is currently no support for such feature on Android using Google Play Games Services, so we were really relieved to discover XtraLife was able to help us with this. Not only the pricing was really, really competitive, but the technical support CotC team provided us to integrate the SDK was truly incredible and very efficient. If we had to resort to our own system, it would have taken 2 weeks to setup a custom system using Google App Engine or similar cloud solution. Using XtraLife the same took 16 hours."

Romain Tisserand, Playdigious

"Jaddream is not your average game. It's special from a business perspective, as you can use your virutal tokens you earn to go on a real dream holiday. Technically it's equally as unique. It's not even one single app: it's a collection of nine different casual games interconnected on the backend, sharing user data, virtual currency, etc. This must be a smooth experience for the users, but it's an incredibly challenging task from a development perspective. XtraLife with its game domains feature and solid architecture easily saved us hundreds of development hours, and contributed enormously to Jaddream's success.”

Lead Developer, Jaddream
combo crew

"Working with XtraLife has been a great surprise. Despite being in development at that time, the technology was functional from day one when we integrated it, and the development team were always very responsive to our support needs and feature requests. I'm confident that it will give us a competitive edge and play a major role in our next titles' success."

Emeric Thoa, The Game Bakers, makers of Combo Crew, the social and asynchronous beat’em up
pastagames pix'n love rush

"We developed the Official Videogame of the great retro-gaming exhibit «Game Story». We wanted it to be faithful to the competitive spirit of 1980's arcade games. We developed the game for both iOS and Android, and wanted to have a unique leaderboard, cross-platform, with a simple back-office available online. We could integrate XtraLofe in less than a week on both platforms, and experienced not a second of server downtime during the 4 months of the exhibit. The simplicity and elegance of its APIs, coupled with the robustness and scalability of AWS proved to be the perfect fit, and allowed us to meet the deadlines and achieve a smooth experience.’’

Fabien Delpiano, Pastagames
combo crew

“XtraLife has allowed us to add complex and robust multiplayer interaction to Mijnlieff with significantly reduced implementation time.The team have always been responsive to our questions and have added new features and new platform support during development.’’

David Oakley, CTO, Astraware, makers of Mijnlieff
artillery strike

"We had a very good experience with XtraLife and their cross-platform multiplayer solution, one of the few in this field. Developing Artillery Strike, a cross-platform multiplayer game with social networks integrated, using the technologies they offered, was much easier. The team was offering us the support and features needed along the development process. Definitely we will keep working with them on future projects and I am gladly recommending them."

Stefan Ivanovich, Senior Android Developer, Advanced Mobile Applications, makes of Artillery Strike